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CUC import users from LDAP issue

I have a customer with a new deployment of Unity Connection 8.6.2. Said customer is attempting to import users from LDAP. Syncronization with LDAP (Active Directory) is enabled on the LDAP Setup page, the LDAP directory configuration is complete and the DirSync service is activated and started. From the dirsync logs we see that users are being synchronized from AD and a sql query (of the endusers table) from teh CUC CLI shows data in the database. However when we go to the import users page, and search for users (userID, Lastname, etc) fails to retrieve any users.

Any suggestions? I saw in another posting (and vaguely recall from a previous engagement) that users cannot be impoorted if they do not already exist/have an extension assigned in CUCM but does this apply to the search for users to import or to teh importation of users?

Any recommendation where to look for more information? The count of rows in the enduser table after the DirSync was 66250.

Regards and Thanks in Advance,

Richard Rowe

Network Consulting Engineer   

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

Do you have any filters defined by any chance?

Are the users already defined in UCON with the same alias?


There was initially a filter applied on the directory config. That was when we had 66k+ entries in the enduser table. There were no users in CUC other than the default users created by installation. I believe we have removed the filter and started another manual sync but I don't have the latest result.

What impact does the filter have other than limiting the entities that are pulled from AD?

In the import users search we have tried searching for specific users (whom we verified in the endusers table) and also selecting find with blank search criteria in order to list all users as you would in UCM.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Rich,

You may be hitting this, as you nicely noted


Cisco  Unified Communications Manager users must have a Primary Extension  defined or they do not appear on the Users > Import Users page in  Cisco Unity Connection Administration.



"Show a little faith, there's magic in the night" - Springsteen

ya... the official docs include that caveat when importing users from UCM but its not clear anywhere whether the restriction applies to users imported/synched from LDAP. I have the custmer retesting it...

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