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CUPC Memory Utilization Issues

Currently I have a customer using CUPC 8.0 client latest release ( experiencing high memory utilization.  I have seen this now at 2 different clients so my understanding is that this is fairly common.  TAC’s standpoint is the high memory utilization is normal and the only work around is disable “click to dial”, which doesn’t reduce the memory utilization by much.

This issue doesn’t affect me as much since I have a Windows 7 laptop with 4 GB of ram but this also doesn’t mean much since most customers are still using XP with max of 2 GB ram.  The CUPC client has two processes, cucsf.exe and cupc.exe.  These two processes can take up to 600mb of memory but typically use around 200mb. Whether it is 200mb or 600mb this is a lot of memory and seems like a poorly written application.

Has this been an issue with customers? Are they noticing? Does anyone know when the next client release will be out and will they address this issue?


Yes, I am experiencing the same issue. I discussed it with a TAC engineer on another issue I was working on and he said "The next release will probably be worse as they are adding additional features and he had not seen anything from a development perspective regarding memory reduction."

I was also told that there is an ES being released, once it passes QA to resolve a bug with a memory issue, but do not know all the details.

It is frustrating with the problems we have had with CUPC 8. I also find it interesting that the minimum specs are 1GB of RAM, and CUPC can take up almost 600 MB of that and it be expected to work. Also, you should be able to disable the phone control, like you could do in 7.x, and I would think that would help.

Just my latest rant,



Are there any updates to this issue?

We realise that memory consumption with CUPC 8.x is larger than expected and it is the top priority for the next major release (Cisco Jabber for Windows) to significantly reduce the memory footprint and improve the overall performance.

What is the timeline for the new client?


Apparently not any time's now been 6 more months and the memory usage is still quite high.

I'm running CUPC version with CSF version 8.5(3)-4.5.23 and a relatively idle client with only 3 contacts (2 online) is sucking down over 225MB physical / 266MB virtual memory.

I'm disappointed as well in how long it has taken Cisco to address this issue.  We purchased CUP to enable presence for our Nursing staff.  Our initiative was to open a new asynchronous avenue to communicate with schedulers, supervisors, and ancillary services such as lab and Radiology.  However, since the nursing staff utilize a Terminal Server environment, it is difficult to deploy an application like this when 10 users require approximately 4GB of RAM (400MB*10) just for CUP.

Hopefully the Jabber client is fully functional (and quicker) while utilizing much less memory.

Jabber for Windows 9.0 will be availble early in Q2 '12 and will address the memory utilisation issue.



Interesting. My boss just sent me a screen shot of his Jabber for Windows (latest release) running at over 500MB of memory. It apparently still has some issues.

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