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How to add Unity connection Subscriber to Unity connection Publisher

I have configured 1 of my Unity Connection 8.5.1 server as Publisher and i have applied all the license on that server.

After doing so, I am trying to configure the second server as Subscriber but in the Initial configuration where it asks whether this server is a first node or not?

I picked no and i have entered all the first node information and click on to proceed.

It comes back with the attached error?

Any ideas what could be the issue?

Thank you all

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Hi Karamalomari,

Did you start with  an earlier 8.0 version when building the Pub and then

upgrade/patch to 8.5 during the install? If so you may be hitting this bug;

CSCtn61453            Bug Details

Applying 8.5.1 software as patch results in corrupted CUC installation.
After fresh installation of 8.5.1 software, we can notice several problem symptoms.
- Connection services and Connection DB does not start
- System cannot be accessed via web page
- Informix error messages for certain CLI commands

Example :- show cuc cluster status

com.informix.asf.IfxASFException: Attempt to connect to database server (ciscounity) failed.
Command failed

It is observed during fresh installation of Unity Connection product when installation was
started with earlier version of software and 8.5.1 software was applied as a patch during the setup process.


This issue will be resolved in 8.5(1)su2 and Unity Connection 8.6 and later. So applying those versions of software as a patch during setup process will not encounter this problem.

If you are installing affected version, first, perform a fresh installation of earlier version of software using the install media. Then after verifying the installation, proceed with the upgrade to 8.5.1su1 as a separate process.

Severity Severity
2 - severe

Last Modified Last Modified
In Last 3 Days        

Product Product
Cisco Unity Connection         

Technology Technology

1st Found-In 1st Found-in
Fixed-In Fixed-in

If not, did you follow these steps? Specifically the NTP config on the Pub and adding the

Sub to the Pub as the first step

Configuring the Subscriber Server in a Cisco Unity Connection Cluster

To configure the subscriber server in the cluster, follow these steps.


Step 1 If you configured Network Time Protocol on the publisher server, ensure that it is synchronized with an NTP server before you install the subscriber server. From the Command Line Interface on the publisher server, enter utils ntp status. Ensure that the output indicates that the server is synchronized with an NTP server.

Note If the publisher server is not synchronized with an NTP server, installation of the subscriber server will fail.

Note When you are installing Cisco Unity Connection on a virtual machine, you must specify an external NTP server.

Step 2 On the First Node Configuration window, read the Warning and make sure you have correctly configured the publisher server. To continue with the installation of the subscriber server, click OK.

The Network Connectivity Test Configuration window displays.

Step 3 During installation of a subscriber server, the system checks to ensure that the subscriber server can connect to the publisher server.

To pause the installation after the system successfully verifies network connectivity, choose Yes.

To continue the installation with a pause, choose No.

The First Node Access Configuration window displays.

Step 4 Enter the connectivity information for the publisher server and choose OK.

The system checks for network connectivity.

If you chose to pause the system after the system successfully verifies network connectivity, the Successful Connection to First Node window displays. Choose Continue.

Note If the network connectivity test fails, the system always stops and allows you to go back and reenter the parameter information.

The SMTP Host Configuration window displays.

Step 5 If you want to configure an SMTP server, choose Yes and enter the SMTP server name.

Note To use certain operating system features, you must configure an SMTP server; however, you can also configure an SMTP server later by using the operating system GUI or the command line interface.

The Platform Configuration Confirmation window displays.

Step 6 To start installing the software, choose OK, or, if you want to change the configuration, choose Back.

Step 7 When the installation process completes, you get prompted to log in by using the Administrator account and password.

Step 8 Complete the post-installation tasks that are listed in the "Version 8.x Post-Installation Tasks" section.




I would like to thank you for your response.

I received the servers with the pre-installed image which is 8.5.1.

I have also followed the same steps that you have sent me and still I'm getting the same error which I have attached earlier.

Regarding the NTP server configuration on the Unity Publisher Server, I have configured the Call Manager (Publisher) as the NTP Server. checked the status of this ntp and it was working fine.

So what do you suggest to do next?


Thank you rob huffman for your feedback.

what i have done is that i have formatted the servers and then start with fresh installation.

Once that done i have upgraded with the SU2.

SO thank you again +5 for the answer.


i would like to ask question plz if u can reply , if i can configure cuc subscriber already installed but not mentioned from setup as second , its stand alone or , it should be setup fresh from the begining ???


No, if you have already installed the server as a standalone server then you cannot add to a cluster.  You will need to reinstall.


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I have a Unity Connection Publisher and Subscriber in a cluster. We are planning to move our Data Center to new location. I will install new Unity Connection Subscriber, can this new server join the cluster without deactivation/decommissioning the existing subscriber?


I appreciate your response here.




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Hi there,


This will not work as Unity Connection supports only a two server cluster unlike CUCM;


Cisco Unity Connection Cluster Overview

Unity Connection supports a Unity Connection cluster configuration of two Unity Connection servers to provide high availability and redundancy. The Unity Connection servers handle calls, HTTP, and IMAP requests. If only one server in the Unity Connection cluster is functioning, the remaining server preserves the system functionality by handling all calls, HTTP requests, and IMAP requests for the Unity Connection cluster. Note that each server in the Unity Connection cluster must have enough voice messaging ports to handle all calls for the Unity Connection cluster.

The first server installed is the publisher server for the Unity Connection cluster; the second server installed is the subscriber server. These terms are used to define the database relationship during installation. The separation of roles is consistent with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster schema in which there is always one publisher server and multiple subscriber servers. (Note that Unity Connection runs on the Cisco Unified CM platform). Unlike a Cisco Unified CM cluster, however, Unity Connection supports only two Unity Connection servers in the Unity Connection cluster.







Did you managed to build secondary subscriber at new location. If yes, can you let us know how ?