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Unity 4.0(5) upgrade to Unity Connection 7.1


current system is unified messaging 4.0(5) with off-box Exchange. Exchange stores the messages.

I'm planning an upgrade from unity to unity connection 7.1 and also move the messages off exchange and have them stored on the Connection server itself.

Rather than going for a big bang and moving all users (1250) I am hoping to run both voicemail systems at the same time. In doing this I will be able to migrate users accross after some initial testing has been done. It will also let me move users site-by-site.

Can anyone see problems with this? Or is it just a bad idea to run Unity and Unity Connection at the same time?



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Hi Michael,

The main issue is that users may get confused as to which voice mail system they belong to (ex. if your using Cisco PCA, which IP to browse to, etc).  You also may have issues doing directory lookups as there will be two different directories with users contained in each directory.

Just as an FYI here is the migration guide from Unity to Unity Connection 7.x incase you haven't seen it yet:



Hi Chris

thanks for the response. Luckily the only thing the users do on this site is listen to their messages. I hadn't thought of the directory lookup issues though.......

You may want to head to Connection 8.x if possible.   then use the "hot mode"  for the conversion.

Doing a flash cut is not that bad actually with Unity.  The worst part is the time it takes to move the voicemails over.  You can basically setup the CUC server, configure all the users, call handlers, settings, etc, then flash cut them by VM Profiles in CUCM.   Then schedule time to move the voicemails over.   The mailboxes will be activated as quick as you can schedule BAT to update VM profiles in CUCM.  But the COBRAS import for voicemails can be painfully slow.

Trying to migrate in groups will be tough, but if do them in batches and keep it organized, you can get it done within a week.  (300 or so each night).  But yes, you will lose directory, forwarding messagings to other users, if you have call handlers that transfer, how will they work correctly, etc.

Well the plan was to move basic users. Any call handlers, etc would only be moved at the very end with the plan of switching off the old server.

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