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Unity and Speech Recognition?

Any info on when can we expect the next Unity release? I've got a customer who is thinking of migrating from Unity to Unity Connection to get the ASR functionality.

I'd hate to see them do this if the ASR feature would be available in the Unity platform in another 3 - 6 months.


Cisco Employee

Unity will likely never have the full-blown, ground up ASR conversation that Connection does for the simple reason that in Connection we have control over the message store and in Unity we don't. So doing things like "All new messages from John Smith" will never be possible/practical in Unity because such filters take Exchange a year and a day unless you've told it to keep such an index up to date ahead of time (i.e. like we do with new/read/deleted message filters).

That said, we are looking at adding a highly simplified ASR engine onto Unity which will allow for speech navigation of your inbox, name lookups for message addressing and such. It will not, however, even come close to the complexity and robustness of the Connection ASR engine - just want everyone to be real clear on that.

There's no comitted timeframe for this, and it wont be in 4.2 (releasing in a couple months) but it could make 4.3 releasing later this year - can't say for sure at this point, though, but it is on the radar.


The function they really want is the speech dial capabilities. The stakeholders want the ability to say "call John Smith" and not have to dial the subscriber number. They are not too keen on dial by name or extension dialing either.

I know we can do some of this today via PA or custom IPCC scripting, but the support staff would rather not have the additional administration. More bricks, less straw, you know the drill.

I don't think the mailbox searching capability is that critical to the user.