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Brian Ambrose

Unity Connection 8.5 MWI performance

I'm trying to get some sort of expectation regarding MWI performance with Unity Connection 8.5 and Unified Inbox with Exchange 2010 SP1.

Since my Unity 7x system is working fine in regards to MWI and Exchange 2010 SP1, my test Unity Connection 8.5 system is not. I've seen MWI status changes taking as long as 15 minutes but as little as 5 seconds to come to the Unity Connection 8.5 server. I know the issue is in Exchange, but does anyone have some observed performance from this type of integration?

Tommer Catlin

Everything i have seen, it was worked fine.   Couple things to check:

- Mailbox you are testing with...  Does the inbox have 1,000's of items in?  If it does, try reducing the number of items to less.

- Geographical issue between CUC and Exchange 2010 CAS server? (WAN link, firewalls, etc)

- Any issues on your CAS server?  (errors, etc)

- Have you loaded SU1 for 8.5 yet? 

- Which server is CUC 8.5 currently installed on?


My Unity Connection server sits on the same subnet as the Exchange environment in the same data center.

The test mail account has two messages in it.

I'm running the latest version of Connection Version, 8.5.1ES16.11900-16

I can't really speak to any errors on the CAS server since I'm not the exchange admin.

Unity Connection is running on a 7845 server.


IP Telephony Engineer

Any luck with this?  I am pretty much having idenctical issues.

Yes, there has been progress. It was determined that my internal firewall was blocking Exchange web services TCP port 7080(jetty) from getting to the Connection server. Once the rule was put in the firewall opening this traffic, MWI started working flawlessly.

Here is a link to the Connection security document that lists all ports in use.


I had already verified I was able to telnet to port 7080 from the CAS Exchange Server(s) to the Unity Connection Server.

From within Unity Connection, if I reset the UM Sync on a mailbox, MWI turns on/off right right away.  But Exchange does not appear to be pushing the status by itself.  It seems to be sproradic in that the read/unread messages from Outlook turn on/off the MWI on a delay if at all.  Sometimes 10 seconds, sometime much longer.

Appreciate it though.


Tray Stoutmeyer
Cisco Employee


I had a case where everything worked but MWI and yes, a sync from a user worked fine singling out EWS/Exchange/WebDav etc. We restarted the Jetty service on CUC and it started working. Don't know if it will help or not for your situation but they seem similar. It's worth a try.


Thanks Tray, but my MWI problem is resolved. My issue was our firewall was blocking the communication on port 7080.

We're having the same problem here.  In my situation, the Unity Connection server sits on the same switch as the Exchange server (no firewall).  MWI usually comes on when someone receives a message.  However, it rarely goes off when they read the message in Outlook.

So far, Cisco is blaming it on Exchange, but I'm not convinced.  We upgraded to 8.6 last night, so crossing fingers.


In my case everything checked out and from all outward appearances should have worked fine.  There was some finger pointing and TAC found several other cases resembling the same thing as I was experiencing.  We upgraded to an engineering special only because it was the only thing newer to upgrade to from what was available online at the time.  It resolved my problem not because it was an ES but I speculate that it just re-initialized some database components.  I suspect sometime during making SMTP domain changes something got messed up and that caused the issue.

Upgrading to Unity Connection 8.6 seems to have fixed whatever the problem was.

One thing that we've noticed is the delay in MWI off is directly related to how busy the Exchange server happes to be.  At night, everything is instant.  Durring the heavy load of the day, MWI can take as long as 15-20 seconds.

So far, so good.

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