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Release Announcement: UCS Manager 4.0(1) and Cisco IMC 4.0(1) with support for 6454 Fabric Interconnects, 1400 Series VIC, and C125 M5 Servers is now available.

Cisco Employee
Cisco is pleased to announce the release of UCS Manager 4.0(1) and Cisco IMC Software 4.0(1) this week. These releases provide support for new hardware platforms, security vulnerability fixes, additional accessories, and more. 
Cisco UCS Manager 4.0(1) introduces support for the fourth generation of UCS Fabric Interconnects (FI), the 6454 FI. This Fabric Interconnect is a replacement for the 6246 Fabric Interconnect. It provides 40 ports of 10 or 25Gb Ethernet, 8 unified ports of 10/25Gb Ethernet or 8/16/32Gb Fibre Channel, plus 6 ports that support 40Gb or 100Gb Ethernet. This Fabric Interconnect will be helpful for customers who want to take advantage of 25Gb Ethernet or 32Gb Fibre Channel connections for increased bandwidth for key applications.
Both Cisco UCS Manager 4.0(1) and Cisco IMC 4.0(1) also provide support for the fourth generation Virtual Interface Card (VIC) known as the 1400 series VIC. The VIC 1400 series VICs are well matched with the 6454 Fabric Interconnects and offer 10/25Gb Ethernet for UCS C-Series and S-Series servers and 10/40Gb Ethernet for UCS B-Series servers. The VIC 1400 series cards offer additional support for offloading and other performance enhancing features, as detailed in the blog at
Cisco UCS Manager 4.0(1) and Cisco IMC 4.0(1) also add support for the new Cisco C4200 Series Rack Server Chassis that supports two to four C125 M5 Rack Server Nodes in a 2U chassis. The C125 M5 server is the first Cisco UCS server that offers the AMD (R) EPYC(TM) processor. The C4200 Chassis and C125 M5 Rack Server Nodes are ideal for organizations that are looking for high density compute.
In addition to these key new platforms, Cisco IMC 4.0(1) and UCS Manager 4.0(1) add support for a S3260 SIOC, additional peripherals, and additional software enhancements. These releases will be supported by Cisco Intersight, UCS Director, and other existing tools in the UCS management ecosystem. More details can be found in the UCS Manager 4.0 Release Notes and the Cisco IMC Software 4.0(1) Release Notes.
Finally, both Cisco IMC Software 4.0(1) and UCS Manager 4.0(1) address numerous defect fixes and security vulnerabilities. In particular, these release include updated microcode from Intel that helps mitigate Spectre variants 3A and 4 as well as the L1 Terminal Fault vulnerabilities when used with the appropriate operating system and/or hypervisor patches. Additional details can be found in the Cisco Security Advisories (3A/4 and L1TF) and the release notes.

What is the guidance for someone looking to upgrade their 6248 FI?   Is it to go to the 6454 or 6332?  

The price looks to be the same. 

We only have 3 chassis, so ports isn't an issue. 


I read through the 6454 product literature and install guides and it mentions it working with the 2204/2208 but not the 2304.  Is that planned to be supported?


Cisco Employee

For a 6248 FI upgrade, either the 6454 FI or the 6332/6332-16UP may work depending on the goal of the upgrade. The 6332 series Fabric Interconnects support 40Gb end to end and would be a good choice if you wanted additional bandwidth and faster connections. The 6454 Fabric Interconnect may be a good choice if you prefer 10/25Gb connections, or want to reuse the existing 2204/2208 IOMs with 10Gb connections but have faster 40/100Gb uplinks or move to 25Gb in the future.


Jacob Van Ewyk
UCS Management Product Manager


Is there any way to install Windows 2012 R2 OS on C220 rack mounts with VIC 1457 ?


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