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UCS Manager 3.0(1) - New Version Released

Cisco Employee

Earlier today, UCS Manager 3.0(1) was posted on Cisco’s website. This is a unique release of UCS Manager especially designed to bring UCS Manager to the new 6324 Fabric Interconnect (FI).

This is a platform specific release of UCS Manager that only runs on the 6324 Fabric Interconnect and does not run on existing UCS 6100 and 6200 series Fabric Interconnects. It has been designed to provide a UCS solution focused on remote office and branch sites as well as for customers who need a limited deployment of servers. Scaling is limited to 1 chassis (8 servers) and up to 7 rack-mount servers connected to the 6324 FI unified and scalability ports. It also has limited platform support such as supporting the new 5108 chassis, dual-voltage power supplies, B200M3 blades with VIC adaptors, and C220 M3 and C240 M3 rack-mount servers. Please see the hardware compatibility list for the latest server and adaptor support information.

It has been optimized for managing a 6324 FI based systems in data centers as well as remote offices and branch office locations. To help support this, UCS Manager 3.0(1) has been tested over the equivalent of an entry-level consumer grade DSL line - 1.5 Mbps, 300 - 500ms latency, and with temporary loss of connections. These tests have been done with both remote administrators connecting to UCS Manager as well as remote administrators managing UCS Manager through UCS Central. UCS Central is also where you can manage both UCS Manager 3.0(1) running on the 6324 Fabric Interconnect as well as any other UCS Manager 2.1(2a) or newer versions running on 6100 or 6200 series Fabric Interconnects.

There are a number of additional new features in the UCS Manager 3.0(1) release. They include:

  • Support for the 6324 Fabric Interconnect and scalability port
  • Support for the Dual Line Power Supply Unit and 110V when used with the 6324 Fabric Interconnect
  • Staggered boot support and power capping which is especially important when using 110V power supplies since they may not provide enough power for a fully loaded chassis.
  • Support for loading firmware via a local USB port instead of over the network

This release of UCS Manager is a platform specific release and does have some important limitations and un-supported features. It is based on UCS Manager 2.2(1x) and not UCS Manager 2.2(2x). Therefore, new UCS Manager features, defect fixes, server and adaptor support introduced in May 2014 may not be supported. Other unsupported features include Ethernet Switching Mode, Fibre Channel End Host Mode, Private VLANS, Port Security, and KVM Virtualization. As always, please see the UCS Manager Release Notes for additional details.

Along with UCS Manager 3.0(1), there will also be a UCS Central 1.2 release supporting the Cisco UCS 6324 Fabric Interconnect. Additional details on UCS Central 1.2 can be found in another blog post on Cisco Communities. As always, your feedback, comments, and enhancement ideas are always appreciated.

Jacob Van Ewyk

UCS Management product manager

Note:  This was posted by Eric Williams on behalf of Jacob Van Ewyk

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