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6324 Configuration


We recently got a Mini and I am setting it up.  My experience up to this point has been with the UCS 'Classic' [as Cisco is now calling it...really....I feel like I just got started on it...anyway]. 

My problem is with the network connections from the 6324's to our network.  I have the storage piece working perfectly [FC...the first 2 ports on each FI]...and the network ports [ports 3 & 4 on each FI] are both set up as Uplink ports and connected to my network.

In the UCS 'Classic' world you have a few ports set up for Uplink and a few for Server.  on the 6324, when I switch a port over to Server it fails and gives me an error message about the gbic failing [these are the 1GB gbics].

All that to say that my blades don't seem to be able to 'see' the network...they don't connect to their vlan, can't 'see' their gateway, etc.  Because i think in the UCS 'Classic' mind, I feel like the reason they don't 'see' the network is because all the ports connected to the network are Uplinks [trunks].  But, again, when I set any one of them to be a Server port is fails.

What am I missing?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Michael,

My team manages the Cisco portfolio communities.  I'm moving this post to the UCS space in the Data Center & Cloud community.  Technical experts within Cisco, as well as, your peer experts participate in that community, so your post will get better visibility by people who should be able to help you.

Thank you,

Denise Brittin

Marketing Manager, Cisco Digital Marketing

Thank you Denise!


Any luck with this ?

i appreciate everyone taking a look at this.  it did, however, turn out to be a vlan issue.  One of our router guys figured it out.

had a similar issue, was port-channel on upstream.

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