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Bound physical interface down. HBA's cannot login to the FABRIC.

selby maake


I have two MDS switches, connected to two Fabric Interconnects.
FI-A to MDS-A (vsan2), FI-B to MDS-B (vsan1) I created 2 vhba templates, 1 for fabric A and another one for fabric B.
The HBA's logged in successfully on MDS_A/FI_A without any issues but didn't loggin on MDS_B/FI_B. I verified the physical connections and they're all up.
I'm getting an error "FC VIF XXX on server X/X of switch B, reason: Bound physical interface" on fabric B's servers' VIF paths. Except server 1, all the paths for it are up but the other one's are down.
I have enabled npiv feature on MDS and npv on the FI as well, uplink ports are up and are in the correct vsan(1).

I have no idea what the problem is,see the attached screenshots


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Walter Dey
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I'm very confused

All the CLI stuff in VSAN 2 look ok to me, eg. flogi,... of vfc... which is fabric A !

Where is the information for Fabric B ?

On the MDS and FI, you show port VSAN = 2 ?? on the UCSM it is 1 ??

Please get rid of VSAN 1 in fabric B, and replace it e.g. with 3 !!


First I thought, maybe your problem is here:

UCS FI: Admin port mode is NP, trunk mode is off ! By default, UCS trunking is off !
MDS: Admin port mode is auto, trunk mode is off

could you try, to set trunking on


cae-sj-9506-1(config)# feature fport-channel-trunk


SAN tab -> enable fc uplink trunking





Hi Wdey,


Eventually the HBA's logged on the switches after i added the servers to the storage and installed the OS. The configs were right, i didn't change anything. I don't know y it was doing that. They were supposed to work, wondering!!!!

But its working thanks.



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