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Can I create vhba of 8GB speed with the card M81KR?

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Please I need your help to know if I can create vhbas of 8GB speed with mezzanine card M81KR.


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Manuel Velasco
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I don't belive there is an onption to will allow you to set the speed on the vhbas on any adapter. But you might be able to select the speed on your FI uplink interfaces.

Robert Burns
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

No the FC ASIC in the M81KR is only 4GB FC.

The second gen VIC (1240/1280) are 8GB FC.


Hi Robert and Manuel,

Thank you for your help.

Robert please if you know where can I find this information about the vhba speed?

I tried to find this but only I found the datasheet of this card, on the datasheet does not say anything about it.

Thanks you.


By default, vHBA on M81KR  is limited by physical interface i.e 10 Gbps.

What is the version of UCSM and capability catalog ? It should be saying as 10 Gbps.

You  can rate-limit  it ( recommended only if you are aware of your design and traffic load ) to limit to 4 or 8 Gbps.

Check the Rate limit field under QoS policy.


Hi Padranas,

Thank you for your response.

I am confusing about it......

To understand what you said. For example:

My UCS environment is: Chassis 5108 + 3 Blades B200M2 + M81KR Mezzanine card + 2104xp FEX + 6124xp FI .

We have 2 SAN switch brocade of 4GB speed by FC port connecting to the UCS FI and the Blade server has the service profile configure to use vhba of 4GB speed, I cannot change this configurations. We want to replace the Brocade SAN swtich by 2 new MDS 9148 of 8GB speed by FC port.

Can I be able to reconfigure the vhbas on my environment UCS to work with FC8GB replacing the Brocade switch to MDS?.

Our goal is improve the SAN speed from FC 4GB to FC 8GB.

We have a EMC stroage that support FC 8GB, but it is running to 4GB, because of Brocade SAN switch.

Thanks for your time.


Within UCS, it is all 10G. If there is no competing traffic and with default QoS policy, FCoE traffic via vHBA can make use of the whole pipe.

When you replace your SAN switch with MDS, all you need to mak sure is the FC uplinks are operating at 8 Gbps.

No need to worry about vHBA FC speed.

In addition, you can take advantage of port-channel feature and bundle FC links together between FI and MDS.


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