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CIMC External Certificate upload failed


Trying to upload a certificate generated from my local CA into CIMC, but it's failing without explanation.


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I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble uploading your certificate to CIMC. To better assist you, I'll need some more information about your issue. Please provide the following details:

1. The version of CIMC you are using.
2. The format of the certificate you are trying to upload (e.g., PEM, DER, or PKCS#12).
3. Any specific error message or code displayed when the upload fails.
4. Steps you have taken so far in troubleshooting the issue.

In the meantime, you can try these general steps to verify if everything is in order:

1. Ensure that your certificate is in the correct format supported by CIMC. It should be a PEM-encoded certificate with the file extension .pem or .crt.

2. Check if your certificate file includes the full certificate chain (i.e., the server certificate, intermediate CA certificates, and the root CA certificate). The chain should be ordered with the server certificate first, followed by intermediate CA certificates and the root CA certificate last.

3. Verify that the private key file associated with the server certificate is in the correct format (PEM-encoded) and has the .key file extension.

4. Make sure that your server certificate and private key files are not password-protected. If they are, remove the password protection before uploading them to CIMC.

5. Confirm that the server certificate and private key files are not corrupted. You can do this by opening them in a text editor and checking for any visible issues or discrepancies.

If you could provide the additional information requested above, I'll be better equipped to help you diagnose the issue and find a solution.

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