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CIMC IP Pool got full "ext-mgt-pool " Any alternative ??


Hello Guru's

Ist Question:

Problem is IPs from "ext-mgt-pool " pool is out of stock . Is there any alternative to expand it or create new IP Pool with in Outband or Inband? currently we are using outband.

The KVM IP Address has to be from the same subnet as the Fabric Interconnects belong to. Please correct me if i am wrong.

Can i create new inband pool with different subnet and use it?? If, yes then what will be the impact?

Though, i have already gone through fews old discussion where suggestion was to delete "ext-mgt-pool " pool, which i can't do due to big infra in production. Any other alternatives?

2nd question, why cisco recommends iscsi vlan to be a native vlan in case of boot from iscsi?? Whats the benefits of native vlan.




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Wes Austin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You can add a block of IP addresses to the existing pool without deleting it. It is available under the "actions" tab. Yes they need to be on the same subnet as UCSM/FIs. If you want to use inband you can, but you would need to make sure that the VLAN you select is available on the data path of the FI. 


Native VLAN is sending the traffic untagged which is typically used for iSCSI or network booting.

Hello Wes,


Thank you for your swift response.

Further query is do we need to config both Out-of-Band & In-band with new IP Pool ?

Or just In-band with new IP Pool? This pool can be a different subnet from FI?


Cheers !


You do not need both, it just depends on your network requirements. Most customers only use OOB. If you need both, yes, you need a new IP pool as it will be a different network for in band and out of band. The pool is typically different from UCSM subnet since its traversing the data network through the Fabric Interconnect uplinks vs the management network via the mgmt port.



Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



Wes has addressed your inquiries. I wanted to add that one of the most common issues with the pool filling up is when ext-mgt-pool is used at the HW level (Equipment > Server > Inventory > CIMC > ext-mgt-pool assigned here) and then at the service profile level. Giving them two IPs, per every server. If you are doing this, simply remove the ip pool from your service profiles. This is non impactful (should always be done in maintenance window), as it is merely KVM access to the servers and doesn't require any reboots or make any other impacting changes.


Best Regards,


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