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Export from 6248 Fabric Interconnects and import to 6454 FIs

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Is it supported to export All Configuration from a 6248 domain and import into a 6454 domain? Are there firmware restrictions? Let's assume the 6248s are running slightly older firmware than the fully updated 6454s. I can't find this exact scenario in the documentation.

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It is possible to export the configuration from a Cisco UCS 6248 domain and import it into a Cisco UCS 6454 domain. However, you may encounter some compatibility issues due to differences in hardware and firmware versions. To minimize issues, follow these steps:

1. Before starting the migration, ensure that both domains have compatible firmware versions. It's recommended to upgrade the 6248 domain to the same or closest possible firmware version as the 6454 domain. The UCS Hardware and Software Compatibility Matrix will help you verify the compatibility:

2. Perform a thorough backup of the 6248 domain configuration using the UCS Manager before upgrading the firmware or migrating the configuration.

3. Export the configuration from the 6248 domain using the UCS Manager's "Backup Configuration" feature. This will create an XML file containing the domain configuration.

4. Review the exported XML file and make any necessary adjustments to the configuration to ensure compatibility with the 6454 domain. This may include updating port numbers, chassis IDs, and other hardware-specific settings.

5. Import the modified XML configuration file into the 6454 domain using the UCS Manager's "Import Configuration" feature.

6. Verify the imported configuration and ensure that all settings are correct and functional.

Please note that this process involves potential risks, such as configuration incompatibilities and unexpected behavior. It is essential to perform thorough testing on a non-production environment before implementing the changes in a production environment.

Additionally, ensure you have proper backups and rollback plans in place, and consider engaging Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) or a Cisco partner for assistance in case you encounter issues during the migration process.

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