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FCoE options for Cisco UCS and Compellent SAN

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We have a Dell Compellent SAN storage with iSCSI and FCoE module in pre-production environment.

It is connected to new Cisco UCS infrastructure (5108 Chassis with 2208IOM + B200 M2 Blades + 6248 Fabric Interconnect) via 10G iSCSI module (FCoE module isn't being used at th is moment).

I reviewed compatibility matrix on interconnect but Compellent (Dell) SAN is only supported on FI NXOS 1.3(1), 1.4(1) without using 6248 and 2208 IOM which is what we have. I'm sure some of you have similar hardware configuration as ours and I'd like to see if there's any supportive Cisco FC/FCoE deployment option for the Compellent. We're pretty tight on budget at this moment so purchasing couple of Nexus 5K switches or something equipvalent for such a small number of chassis (only only have one) is not a preferred option. If additional hardware acquisition is inevitable, what would be the most cost effective solution to be able to support FCoE implementation?

Thank you in advance for your help on this.

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Unfortunatly there isn't really one - with direct attach storage there is still the requirement that an upstream MDS/N5k pushes the zoning to it.  Without a MDS to push the zoning the system it's recommended for production.

Even if you had a MDS/N5K the 6248/2208's wouldn't support the Compellent SAN - see note 9.

That's not to say that it won't work, it's just that we haven't tested it and don't know what it will do and thus TAC cannot troubleshoot SAN errors on the UCS.

On the plus side iSCSI if setup correctly can be very solid and can give you a great amount of throughput - just make sure to configure the QoS correctly and if you need more throughput then just add some additional links

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