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OpenLDAP LDAPS authentication Cisco UCS 3.1.2


While I've seen and read lots of posts (here and elsewhere online) that tell you how to configure LDAP(S) authentication with Active Directory to the UCSM, but I haven't found any posts where someone has configured LDAP(S) authentication with OpenLDAP to the UCSM.


I have followed as much of the LDAP configuration with AD as I could (Sample Configuration: Cisco UCS, LDAP and Active Directory), even though it was based on AD, so I've done things on my OpenLDAP server like create a bind user, create "security" groups, and in UCSM, I've done things like create the domain/realm, configure LDAP, configure LDAP providers, configure LDAP provider groups, and configure LDAP group map.


The main item I believe I'm having trouble with is the filter parameter. If you're using AD, you set that value to "sAMAccountName=$userid", but in OpenLDAP the "sAMAccountName" equivalent is "uid"; however, if you put that in the filter it says that it is invalid. 


Hoping someone out there has successfully used OpenLDAP to authenticate to a UCS and can offer some guidance. 

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