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OpenLDAP LDAPS authentication Cisco UCS 3.1.2

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Level 1

While I've seen and read lots of posts (here and elsewhere online) that tell you how to configure LDAP(S) authentication with Active Directory to the UCSM, but I haven't found any posts where someone has configured LDAP(S) authentication with OpenLDAP to the UCSM.


I have followed as much of the LDAP configuration with AD as I could (Sample Configuration: Cisco UCS, LDAP and Active Directory), even though it was based on AD, so I've done things on my OpenLDAP server like create a bind user, create "security" groups, and in UCSM, I've done things like create the domain/realm, configure LDAP, configure LDAP providers, configure LDAP provider groups, and configure LDAP group map.


The main item I believe I'm having trouble with is the filter parameter. If you're using AD, you set that value to "sAMAccountName=$userid", but in OpenLDAP the "sAMAccountName" equivalent is "uid"; however, if you put that in the filter it says that it is invalid. 


Hoping someone out there has successfully used OpenLDAP to authenticate to a UCS and can offer some guidance. 

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