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patching ESXI action?

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

i have a customer who wants to apply patches on C220 M3 and C200 M2 , which have probably ESXI 5, from what i understood the patching process is as the following:

1-turn off the vm on ucs

2-enter maintenance mode

3-upload the patch file on ucs data store

4-apply patch through ssh

but im wondering is applying the latest patch contains all the previous patches? and also is patching the esxi underlies some dangers or risks? and how long the patching usually takes?

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Walter Dey
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

please use the interop tool

where you specify if it is a C-series server standalone, UCS managed, Model, VMware, ESXi version, and then you will get the necessary information.

Be aware that you have to update the C220, eg. BIOS, Adapter, Cimc,... and then enic/fnic driver on the ESXi. And this according to the interop matrix.

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor
so i cant patch ESXI without upgrading the CIMC,BIOS? where is this interop matrix?

Correct; server Bios, Cimc, Adaptor firmware has to match the enic / fnic version of the OS !

You have to use this tool and enter all your data !


Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor
thank you very much for the information , but what im trying to do is to apply latest patch on my test server "5.1" from build "799733" to the latest one "3872664", maybe applying patches to the same esxi version dont need the underlying update to the CIMC and BIOS? like for example it is only needed to upgrade to different esxi version 5.1>5.5?

I have no clue about your environment ?

Are your C-Series server standalone or UCSM managed ?

What is your UCS version ?

Of course, if you upgrade your ESXi within the same major / minor versions, you should not worry ?

However, you have to check, if you are on a supported track ? 5.1 is quite old ?

enic/fnic driver are updated quite often,

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor
thank you again for your reply , im quite a beginner with UCS devices , please what is the difference between C-Series server standalone and UCSM managed? it is just a 1 U server in the rack that have ESXI and Vspere , as for the esxi version i will check soon with the customer.


have you had a chance to patch your esxi.  I am running into a similar situation where my ucs c series going from 5.5 u3 to latest patch.  (From build 5.5 3248547 to 5230635).  there are few patches in between those 2 builds.  same question as you, do I need to apply all patches before going to patch build 5230635?.

did you use esxi ssh to update this with the same procedure you mentioned?


thanks a lot .


i followed the same procedure and applied the latest one , but at the upgrade when you use the command i used the esxcli software vib update for the patch file , it updated fast and successfully


For ESXi patching info, see and


If Cisco has a customized image that is close to your desired patch level, and you don't mind doing the ISO method of upgrading, then that will help bump up the driver vibs that would likely be applicable to your Cisco Server.

Please check the HCL at to determine the correct firmware, ESXi version, and driver version to download from Vmware's website.




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