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Power Allocation (Grid, Group Policy)



we have 9 Chassis of UCS B200 M3 Servers running fine since a while. Last week we had to replace one chassis because of temperature sensor problems. New chassis is running fine except from power allocation.

It just gets half the power of the amount the other chassis in the cluster get... two PSUs running in power save state.

And if the blades need more power, we get the (well known?) power cap allocation failed for server xy error.

Almost everything resetted and re-acknowledged... nothing changes. Also set different power groups etc....


(When resetting CIMC, which takes a while and system is booting to another system shortly, full power allocation is made and all PSUs are working balanced... as it should be.)


Does anyone have an idea what we are doing wrong?


UCS Manger V3.2(2d)

CIMC V3.1(25d)

IO V 3.2(2c)
Host System: Debian with Proxmox



Kind regards,


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi @stufuadmin,

As per below description it does appears to be any issue with blade BMC(CIMC) talking to IOMs (CMC). So if Chassis don't see any demand of additional power from blades it will put PSUs in to power save state to save power consumption. 


Since blades were not able to claim the power budget that's the reason you were getting "power cap allocation failed for server xy error.".


You are on pretty new 3.2(2c) FW, so I don't expect any power-allocation bug on this version. I would say to open a TAC case and get the logs analyze for root cause (considering logs are not rolled-back). 


BTW, did you de-com the chassis before replacing it with new one? 


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