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ql_ima log on ESXi filling up /tmp

Kassim Ismail
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Hi All,


anyone come across a ql_ima.log file that fills up the /tmp folder on ESXi 5.5? we are running B200 M3 blades with Cisco ViC 1240. 

a quick search on the internet points to users having to update the qlogic driver to fix the issue. if we delete the file, it re-creates it. we dont have a qlogic card in the blade & correct my if i am wrong, but the 1240 would not use a qlogic driver?


any ideas on this?




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I am getting same issues here. /tmp fiulling up with the qla logs


/tmp # du -sh *
0       0TiTvX
0       6M0k8y
0       8IgI3z
0       9NrykT
0       Cje7LD
0       FQaPHL
0       G90wiw
0       Ki7Zcg
0       MF7zjH
0       NYkNa6
0       QQXsy8
0       QW0LtL
0       TPrkGu
0       UTF5TZ
0       V0Ykq1
0       Zm0ubk
0       altbootbank.lck
0       cNGJeO
0       dpafifo
0       kl0hpE
0       mP04nV
4.0K    probe.session
182.9M  ql_ima.log
4.3M    ql_ima_sdm.log
4.8M    ql_ima_sdm.log_old
0       snmpd-cvtcimsnmp.xml
0       snmpd-vm-report.xml
0       vem-vmkbinding
0       vmY6Mt
8.0K    vmware-root
0       wtMpLb
0       y_79Xo
0       zC_UHX



did you find a solution to this?





i dont think we found a fix for this, but i will check with my colleague tomorrow who dealt in our team & see if he remembers if there was a fix.




I believe these are the articles and the commands we ran to fix our issue:



esxcli system visorfs ramdisk list


tmp folder is full


rename the tmp folder


mv/tmp tmp.old


mkdir /tmp


hope this helps.

Anyone find a proper fix for this? Which driver would this be caused by on the B200 M3 and has anyone successfully stopped this from filling up the /tmp by updating the driver?


Or is it fixed in a certain ESXi version?



Hi All,

we seem to have a fix for the ql_ima.log issue. i got in touch with TAC & they advised updating the qlogic driver for our version of ESXi & it has fixed the issue. we are no longer seeing the ql_ima.log being created on the host we applied the fix to. we are rolling this out to other hosts now.

the info from TAC is as follows:


Per our conversation there has been some issues with the inbox driver, updating to the following qlogic driver should resolve the ql_ima.log issues even though this driver is not actually in use by any devices on the blade:


The instructions are in the zip file under DOC/Readme.  Let me know if you have any questions.


hope this helps.

which of these vibs did you install? did you install all?


i installed:




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