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question about UCS and fiber channel connectivity


We have a couple 6120XP fabric interconnects setup in a cluser.  The expansion modules have the 6 port 8Gb fiber channel expansion modules in them.  Presently, we are only using two of the 8Gb ports per fabric interconnect.  They are connected to ports on a Brocade Silkwork 48k.  These 6120XP's have been in production for two years now so we've been accessing storage through our existing configuration for several years now.  Our storage administrator who set this up is no longer with us.

When I go into Zone Admin on the swithes I do not see the WWN's for the SFP's that are inserted into teh 8Gb ports on the expansion modules?  Should I see them.  I have a vague recollection that with NPIV I may not be seeing those.  When I spin up a new blade I will see the WWN's for the blade.  What I'm looking to do is add a couple more active ports to increase the bandwidth.  I went to check out the Zones on the switches and I can't find any configuration for UCS on the switches other than the individual blades.  Do I just need to plug additional ports into my SAN switches and then enable the ports in UCS to be good to go?               

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Robert Burns
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


No you shouldn't expect to see the WWNs of the SPFs/Ports, you will see the WWNs of the hosts though if/when they're powered up.

Just plug in the extra FC cables between the UCS FI's and Brocade switch, enable them on either side and you'll be set to go.  Just make sure on the brocade side the new ports have the same config as the existing ports.  That's all you should need to do!

On the UCS side as you spin up new vHBAs within service profiles or re-ack existing servers, the system will start to utilize the additional uplinks accordingly.  Keep in mind, existing vHBAs that are in use will continue to use the same existing FC uplinks.  They do not change uplinks dynamically by themselves (unless there's a failure).  If you want to force the new FC uplinks to be used you'll need to re-ack the blades like I said.



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