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Restore Configuration FI´s

Marcus Xavier Gomes
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi everyone,

Our end customer has a UCS and we need to perform a password recovery. Since they lost all users, we need to restore factory default.

They kept a backup of the configuration using the "show configuration all" command in UCSM CLI and "show running-config" in NX-OS shell.

My question is: can they fully recover the operational status of the system just by copying those txt lines in the respective CLIs (UCSM and NX-OS)?

If not, what are the gotchas and recommendation for an attempt to recover the system configuration?

Kind Regards,

Marcus Gomes

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Eric Rose
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You can follow the password recovery procedures instead of restore defaults, if you know atleast one username per this link

since you dont know any usernames, you might have to restore to factory defaults. however I am not sure if the configuration file that you have is enough to restore the system. sorry.

Password Recovery for the Admin Account

The admin account is the system administrator or superuser account. If an administrator loses the password to this account, you can have a serious security issue. As a result, the procedure to recover the password for the admin account requires you to power cycle all fabric interconnects in a Cisco UCS domain.

When you recover the password for the admin account, you actually change the password for that account. You cannot retrieve the original password for that account.

You can reset the password for all other local accounts through Cisco UCS Manager. However, you must log in to Cisco UCS Manager with an account that includes aaa or admin privileges.


This procedure requires you to power down all fabric interconnects in a Cisco UCS domain. As a result, all data transmission in the Cisco UCS domain is stopped until you restart the fabric interconnects.

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