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SNMP Traps and Monitoring UCS


Hi Guys;

During the implementation of UCS Blades I found a number of issues that have not been solved. I need to monitor the UCS solution through a NMS with traps and monitoring certain items. To do this I require deliver the MIBS to the Monitoring group and tell the OIDs to monitor certain things but I dont found especific documentation about this. I need to monitor things like the states of the fans, cpu, memory and connections.

The solution consists of:

Fabric Interconnects: 2 x 6140XP

Chassis: 9 x 5108

Servers: 70 x B230M2

UCSM v1.4

Although i need apply certain security to SNMP like ACL to secure the solution in the Customer Environment.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Padma;

Thanks for your response. But, how i find the OIDs especficis to monitor certain things? (for example status of the fans). I need to know especific OID to monitor.


Currently I am not aware of doc or tool that provides direct translation of UCS MIB objects.

OID for FAN inventory --

OID for fault table --

Alternate way is to load the MIBs and browse the table for required objects.



Hi Padma;

Thank you for this objects but i need more than this. Please send me a tool to find the UCS MIB objects or another one that have any usefull guide.

Orlando Ramirez

HI @oramirezm21 

This the reference guide for UCS MIBs:

Or go over the supported MIBs:


Based on the that, you can then go into the OID repository and see what OIDs are available in the specific MIB: 


Hope it helps,



What would be the OID of overall server status if i'm planning to monitor the status of UCS C240 M4S2

Hi @bobbywayne08569 ,

To locate any desired OID, go the supported MIB list by UCS C: 

Or you can find additional details about the MIBs here: 

Once you know which MIB contains the desired info, go and see all OIDs using this: 


Hope it helps,


Hi Sergiu,


The MIB located support list shows only till  "Cisco UCS C-series software release 3.0 and later releases"

My current firmware is 4.0 will the 3.0 release MIB supports my version ?



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