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UCS Central push setting to UCS Manager

Sergii Sypalo
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi guys,

I've have UCS Central 1.4b deployed

Added UCS Manager to it, configured all settings to be local in UCSM except DNS

Configured DNS servers in UCS Central

But still settings are not bein populated in UCSM

Even more, when I switched in UCSM in UCS Central settings DNS management from local to global and clicked back on DNS Settings in UCSM, it didn't realized that now DNS must be managed from Central, but I still see an option to add DNS server manully

What I am missing?

Br, Sergey

1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

Found it, DNS and Time Zone settings are located in Domain Group properties

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Matthew Faiello
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


All those policies you see in the UCSM Admin Tab/UCS Central Registration get applied to a “Domain Group” that you need to create in UCS Central.

When you register a new UCS Domain to UCS Central, by-default, it gets put in the “Ungrouped” Domain Group…. thus, No Policy gets applied until you Create an operational Domain Group, and then add the UCS Domain to that Domain Group.

There’s a hierarchy that is supported with nested Domain Groups….5-deep if the use case requires…most clients configure Domain Groups based upon some-type of geography and DC location…

The below Best Practices guide will assist you…

UCS Communities - UCS Central Best Practice Document



Matthew Faiello | UCS Technical Marketing Engineer | .:|:.:|:. Cisco Systems, Inc.

Hi Matthew,

Thx for awesome doc, just finished reading it, also found some of your videos on YouTube about managing UCS Centreal, they are great, will help for sure.

I've got the idea about overal structure of UCS Central, but can't say it's most logical software I've ever seen

For example I can't find anything about DNS settings/time managemnt in policies or somewhere. I can set these settings only for UCS Central, but they are seems not to be propagated to managed UCS domains.

Could you point me where DNS/time zones are configured in UCS Central for maanged domains, as I have two domains added to Domain Groups but can't find a way to push settings from Central to UCSM

Thx, Sergey

Found it, DNS and Time Zone settings are located in Domain Group properties

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