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UCS Service Profile Template best practices

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WE use service profile templates to deploy our b series. 

Historically every time we get a new blade "version" we create a new Service Profile Template for them. 


For example b200m4 blades has its own service profile template

When we got new m5s for a hardware refresh we created a new template for these.

Is this a best practice for any particular reason or will a SPT work across all models of the b series?  I couldnt find anything in the documentation specifically about there needing to be a new or different SPT on each "model" of blade.  One thing i can think of is it would be easy to apply firmware to say all the m4 or all the m5 blades at once and help organize them into groups like that at the SPT level. 

I guess im not sure what else would matter. 

As far as i can tell the templates appear to be same between these versions that we have but maybe im missing a location or specific settings or something on the newer blades. 

Also, Is there  way to export all the settings from all the defined service profile templates and compare them to see their differences?

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Wes Austin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Your service profile template can work across multiple blade generations, however, some of the features you define may not. For example, you may have a particular BIOS setting that is only applicable to M5 servers and not M4. This will vary depending on how simple or complex your service profile template is and each environment will vary. 

Best way to compare templates is using these commands from CLI to list all properties:

UCS5-A# scope org
UCS5-A /org # scope service-profile esx-template
UCS5-A /org/service-profile # show detail

Service Profile:
Service Profile Name: esx-template
Type: Updating Template
Selected Server:
User Label:


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Level 1

Thank you for the reply. I will have a look at these commands and compare what i have. This really helps. Thanks again. 

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Level 1

UCS5-A# scope org
UCS5-A /org # scope service-profile "my-esx-template"
i get an error: Error: Managed object does not exist

IF i do a show service-profile i can see all of the service profiels and the templates. I am using the proper case. 

WE do have them  in sub organizations and they are listed as suborg/my-esx-template but trying to run the scope service-profile "suborg/my-esx-template" doesnt work either. IT doesnt like the /

I would think think that the suborg name wouldnt be needed because if you issue a "show service-profile" it shows all service profiles and all templates from all sub orgs. 

I must have something incorrect in my command here but i have checked case and its correct. 


Update: I got it.....scope org <sub org name> then scope service-profile <SPT Name>


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