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what is the difference between CIMC and KVM for blades?


Hi, What is the difference between the CIMC and KVM?   I believe they are one each per blade in the UCS -- are the same thing in the newest release, and if not, it appears that they both need to be in the same subnet as the Fabric Interconnect

Lisa G

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Manish Tandon
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


KVM is a service that the CIMC offers.

I believe the following URL answers your question -

Background Information

CIMC is a separate management module that is built into the motherboard. The CIMC has its own ARM based processor, which runs the CIMC software. The CIMC is shipped with a running version of the firmware. You can update the CIMC firmware through the Firmware Update Management page, and you do not need worry about the installation of the initial CIMC firmware.

CIMC provisions servers, and as a result, exists below the operating system on a server. Therefore, you cannot use it to provision or manage operating systems or applications on servers.

Users do not install a host OS like Windows or Linux on the CIMC. The host OS runs on the Intel host processor. You install the host OS on the host hard drive with the use of the DVD drive, or over the network. You can use the CIMC to install the host OS with the KVM console and vMedia.



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