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Field Notice 70545

Looks like bug when Changing Boot Order by using UCS API

Just wanted to know if anyone has idea of next release for UCSM.

I am facing one configurational issue while Automating the UCS by the help of API. I observed that when I trying to change the Boot order for e.g (from SAN to LAN or to any) it does not swap the boot order accordingly. Moreover i can see the duplicate boot orders. for e.g. Boot  order is 1 for both LAN and SAN.

However, when I try to do same  through GUI (by using move up and down button) It is working fine. Does anyone have any idea of this issue. As I am curious , that it could be a major issue in production environment 

Daniel Laden

The next release, UCS 2.0, is currently slated to be released by the end of September.

I assume you are working with the XMLAPI functions of UCS, you may also want to review the UCS Developers forums.


Dan Laden

Yes , I am using the XML API functions. Please find below the details

let $xmlRequest {


After posting the the above XML, I am facing the issue mentioned in below screenshot.

Can anyone assure that this is going to be fixed in coming release.So that I can assume that I am posting the right XML(i.e it will swap the boot order accordingly).


Please do let me know If have to redefine the boot orders of media every time when i want to change boot order of any of them


The API is operating correctly, processing the XML that was sent to approriately.  The XML code is setting the Floppy object boot order to 1 which resulted in what you see in the boot policy shown in the GUI.

The GUI builds the XML based on what is requested and "helps" the GUI user, in the case of a boot policy by modifying the order number of the above or below boot option depending upon which direction the boot option is moved.

The XML code sent to the UCS Manager by the GUI will send the code for ALL the affected boot objects.  The code your application needs to do the same.

If you want the Floppy to be order 1 then the boot object that is order 1 needs to become the order of what the Floppy was, in your picture that would be the Local Disk.

You code needs to look like this, the difference is the addition of the Local Disk object.  Also please notice that I am changing a boot policy called "localboot" not "default"










Hope that helps.


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