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Monitoring Cisco UCS Devices


We have 2 setup of Cisco UCS Setup in our Company and both are located in different geographical location. (4 Fabric interconnect and 6 Chassis and 48 Blade servers)

We want to monitor whole Cisco UCS Components like Fabric Interconnect which include all ports and Expansion Module, Port utilization, Chassis with IOMs and Blade Servers, Bandwidth utilization, and power utilization so and so forth.

Please let me know if there is any tool, plugin, application is available to monitor all these components and get the reports out of them.

Amit Vyas

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Re: Monitoring Cisco UCS Devices

Hi Amit,

You could use free tools like MRTG to monitor the historical Bandwidth on Network and FC Uplinks, Connections to the IOM and Server NICs. Please find the white paper attached which explains steps to configure and use.

In the UCSM Manager you can configure collections policies in Admin Tab Under Stats Management for devices, ports and look at the graphs by selecting the statistics of these devices or ports.

The future releases of the UCSM might have capability to monitor different UCSMs which are geographically seperated, stay tuned for it!

Warm Regards,



Re: Monitoring Cisco UCS Devices

Thanks Madhu for the White paper it was very useful to create a initial setup

However after creating MRTG as per white paper I can see the Inertface name which is taken from SNMP traps. I want to know is there any possibility where I can change the interface name directly without any manual efforts to same as shown in UCSM? Like Server Port 1/1, Uplink Por 2/1 etc.

One more thing wanted to know is thru MRTG I can only monitor the Fabric Interconnect or I can also monitor Chassis and Blade servers also?

I am attaching Screenshot for your reference.


Amit Vyas


Re: Monitoring Cisco UCS Devices

Solarwinds does it all.


My UCS Blog

Re: Monitoring Cisco UCS Devices

Thanks Craig

I have download Solarwinds Orion NPM Evel copy and will update you with my comments

Thanks again


Amit Vyas


Re: Monitoring Cisco UCS Devices

Hi Craig,

I have installed Solarwinds NPM 10.1.3 Evaluation version and I am able to add Fabric Interconnect but this only give me date of following things

  • Average Response Time & Packet Loss
  • Last 10 Errors & Failures
  • Current Percent Utilization of Each Interface
  • List of VSANs
  • Connectivity Unit Status

However it doesn’t show the power utilization status of Fabric Interconnect

Another thing is when I was trying to add Blade Server into monitoring I was unable to do it manually hence I tried thru discovery wizard and it went successfully and blade servers got added into monitoring but it only give Average Response Time & Packet Loss nothing apart from this. Do I have to do anything else to get all relevant data for blade or I will only this much data in this in Evaluation version.


Amit Vyas

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