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Need some clarification on UCS Connectivity


Hi All

I have some clarification regarding the connectivity like which cables are used to connect them and how as below. Please help me to clear them

As of i understood we use for short distance Twinax and longer distance Copper cable.

Fabric Inter connectA to FIB between cluster ports - We use normal network cables for heartbeat or any specifica cable

FI A, FI B to Management Network - Which cable do we use.

FIA, FIB - to core physical network which cable do we use and to SAN which cables we use.

Also Please provide more doc or link for LAN pinning if there are any docs

As i understood we use SFP moduler with Twinax and Copper cables. Please clear and provide more details i tried to look at Cisco docs but unable to get

Thank you in advance





Connect your UCS as follows:

FI-A L1 -> FI-B L1 using cat5/6 (as short or as long as you want. We used a half foot cable)

FI-A L2 -> FI-B L2 using cat5/6 (as short or as long as you want. We used a half foot cable)

FI-A and FI-B management is cat5/6 to a management network switch. Use however long of a cable you will need.

FI to core, depends on your situation. You can get TwinAx that is 10m (30ft) if that's long enough to connect to your core, and your core supports the TwinAx SR. However in my case it isn't long enough. Our UCS came with two 10Gbps Optical SRs. We are using two uplinks from each FI and one goes to 5k-1 and the other to 5k-2.

General summary would be: short run of 10Gbps between cisco devices, use TwinAx.  Longer run, use optical SR with fiber cable between the devices.  All management/cluster cables are standard cat5/6 Ethernet cables.

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