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Voice Gateway echo problem

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Level 3


My Cisco 2821 router have 2 PVDM2-64. The "sh call active voice echo-cancel summ" result are A/F :

Voice-GW#sh call active voice echo-can summ

CallID     Port         DSP/Ch   Codec    Ecan-type Tail  Called #    Dial-peers

0x111BDFE  0/1/0:15.30      0/1:5    g711ulaw SW-Extend 64 ms *29277728   797/22

0x111BEB2  0/1/1:15.31      0/1:1    g711ulaw SW-Extend 64 ms *082311888  797/40

0x111BEB4  0/1/0:15.31      0/1:2    g711ulaw SW-Extend 24 ms *62379      797/26

We find that the call at port 0/1/0:15.31 have echo problem. We monitor several times and find the echo occured when the DSP/Ch is 0/1:2 or 0/2:2. Please help to mention me the DSP/Ch 0/1:2 or 0/2:2 is which PVDM2-64? Does it mean one of my PVDM2-64 failed? If yes, which one of PVDM2 failed?

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Try updating IOS and check again.

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Try updating IOS and check again.

We tried to upgrade IOS from 124-15.T4 to 124-25g and monitor about one days, the echo problem seems not occurred again. Please help to mention me why you recommand to upgrade IOS? Thanks a lot...

Update to get bug fixes.

Thank you for the nice rating and good luck!

Thanks a lot. Can you mention me which bug we hit?

A nasty one for sure.

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