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PGW ANI manipulation

Dear All,I require PGW 2200 dial-plan ANI manipulation rules. The scenario is listed below. Our PGW 2200 is in call control mode.SIP-->PGW2200-->SS7(ISUP)--PSTNThe calls going to PSTN operation shouldn't have blank ANI in the IAM request. The dial-pl...

ddondilip by Beginner
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IDD number failover?

Hi,Need some advise on making internation outbound call using IDD, am I able to "failover" to another IDD number if the current active IDD number is ineffect due to translation rules.Example:User dials 9001 xx xxxxxxxTranslation rules changed it to 9...

joelz1979 by Beginner
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MGCP problem connecting to Nortel

I have an old gateway configured to run H323.  We are converting the gateway to MGCP.  All calls go to the Cisco gateway first when calling on net users.  If the ext/site is not on net the Nortel then makes a call out the PSTN to connect them to the ...

Telefono Cisco 7911G

Hola comunidad, en esta ocacion escribo por que necesito ayuda con un par de telefonos 7911g, intente realizar el cambio de firmware SIP y fue fatalsegui los pasos del manual, configure el tftp, coloque la direccion del tftp, reinicie presionando # l...

Two stage dialing using FXO card

Dear All,Can you please suggest me what to do to acheive the below setup using Cisco router.My  main objective is to be able to achieve two-stage dialing i.e. dialing   into the route using the POTs/PSTN line which would be attached to it,  entering ...

Cisco 3745 as simple PABX

Hi friends I need your help configure Cisco 3745 router which is installed with 2x FXO and 4x FXS ports and have latest 12.4 voice IOS. Both two FXO ports will be connected to BT (UK Telco) as external lines and all four FXS ports will be connected t...

tsolution by Beginner
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9971 video call problem with switch 3com

HiI have a problem I describe below The problem is do I have 3 sip phones 9971 the phones can make a phone call but when i Try to do a video call don't working i have a switch 3com 4500G enabled with voice vlan Also I configured all the port over the...

arosasc by Beginner
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CUCM 8.62 Phone Firmware issue

We have recentlu upgraded CUCM from 8.5 to 8.62. We were testing the failover and noticed the 7941, 7961, and 7971 phones are not accepting their firmware from  the publisher.  This is preventing those phones from updating properly and thus,  they do...

Sean Poure by Enthusiast
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