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Audio messages translation / Phone localization in french


Dear All,

Continuing with the setup of my UC320W and SPA303s. I'm looking for translation of audio messages and menus for VoiceMail in french. Do you have any idea where I can change them?

I'm also looking for a mean to change the localization of my SPA303. Downloaded the localization pack with XML files.

I've read that I have to change the "Dictionary Server Script" field in the configuration of the SPA303 but I can't access to the admin part, I have a 403 error on the page:

The web admin page I can access only give me the possibility to switch between English_UK and Engligh_US (builtin language).

Thank you for your help again.

Best regards,


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


First please confirm the firmware version of the UC320W.  Please confirm your system is loaded and operating on the latest firmware version 2.2.2(1).

The French langauge support is available from the UC320W Configuration Utility menu.

Configuration -> Site -> Region -> Select French from the drop down menu.

After applying the configuration the system will restart and the french localized dictionaries will be loaded onto each configured phone.




Thank you for your quick and effective answer. I confirm I'm using 2.2.2(1) firware version on UC320W.

In the Congo, language is french but dialplan is 9 digit, so I can't use French region if I want to use the FXO ports... I did the test anyway and you're right, all the VM and SPA303 turned to french.

I'm using Malaysia region, it's a 9 digit dialplan and my FXO ports are working fine. I'll give a try to other French speaking countries but I doubt there is a french 9 digit...

Dialplan/region customisation is a highly requested feature on UC320W, is it planned to be available?

There is no way I can setup a RP file with dialplan of Malaysia and French localization (that would be a suitable solution while waiting)?

EDIT: BTW, is there a possibility to customize the TimeZone, we are GMT+1 and Malysia forces to GMT+8?

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