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BE3000 Cisco 7975 and 7916 KEMs - wont transfer easily

Level 1
Level 1

We've just installed a 7975 with 2x 7916 KEMs for use as a reception/front desk phone.

We used the 7975 as it takes 2x Kems and we needed the extra BLF soft keys.

When a call is taken you cant simply press the softkey of the extension you want to transfer to!

Also the Transfer softkey is on the 2nd page (ie via the More button)

Is there a way to active the transfer to extension by pressing the extension softkey/speed dial or alternatively move the Transfer key to the firth three buttons like you could on any other system?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Softkey layout is not configurable on BE3K. So the transfer softkey can not be moved from 2nd page to 1st page.

For transfering the call, you need to hit the transfter softkey, the speed dial key for the corresponding extension, and then hit transfer again


Level 1
Level 1

Hello Tim

I would like to know what is the procedure to connect KEM in cisco BE3000

I tried the  usage profiles , Phone button template option . But 7916 EKM not displaying. It just light amber and frozen at cisco logo when it coming up


Can you try to use a separate power cable, might this is because of power insufficiancy.

I tried the same , but the same issue . When i reset fromm the communications manager , it resets and amber glow then off and Cisco Liogo Frozen stage . No migration from phone button template happened

Can you please confirm that the KEM model is 7916 and not 7915? Please also confirm the phone model.


This is 7915 Exp module 12 button with 7962G  IP Phone

7915 KEM is not supported with BE3K. That is a mistake in  documentation. 7962G phone will work with 7916 KEM model. Please work  with the distributor to replace the 7915 KEM with a 7916 one.