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Can you auto provision hostname? Spa504g

The default hostname on these devices is always SEPMACADDRESS, I thought it would be nice to provision this so it would be easier to in my firewall tables.

I tried  <Host_Name group="Info/System_Information">Spa504-%%extension_number%%</Host_Name>

But it seems to have ignored it. Is this just not posible?

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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Host_Name can't be changed, but even it will become changeable in the future, it will not help you (IMHO).

Your firewall has no access to device's internal values including the Host Name. So it know nothing about the name you configured here. I assume your's firewall is using DNS to map IP to Host Name and vice versa. So you need to configure DNS accordingly ...

... unless I missed something ...

Not that I need to do anything technically advanced or automated with a router/firewall.

When I'm looking at dhcp list it's not obvious which phone belongs to who. If I need to log into a certain phone I have to go to each phone and press menu 9 to get the ip or log into the phone system to see what the mac address is for the phone and then find the ip that way. I know typically with auto provisioning it's rare to need to log in to phones manually, but sometimes you do when you want to test out individual changes before updating a template etc.

If I could simply just see a list in my router that looked like this that would be really convenient, and perhaps not much trouble to impliment this?

. | SPA504g-ext101 | SPA504g-ext102 | SPA504g-ext103 | SPA504g-ext104 | SPA504g-ext105

I understood your feature request, but the probability the Cisco will implement something like it just because you asked it here is very low. You should take other solutions into consideration.

So I tried to give you a hint how to solve your's problem using DNS.