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CLID / Suppressed caller ID in single outbound calls

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Level 1

We use the UC320 phone system and a couple of SPA525G phones. The phone software and the menu give a couple of options to suppress our caller ID in specific outbound calls, but neither does work. Our number is shown to the recipient all the time.

Any hint or advise on how to actually make a per call CLID work? That would be awesome.

Thanks a lot!


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If the phone software gives u an option to suppress caller id in specific outbound, and is not working then there must a problem either from your  initial configuration ..Have you checked and confirm  your configuration?please do that and then we can go into detail in solving your  issue

Our technician says there's not so much we could do different in the basic / initial configuration. Still, within the user preferences (7), I can go to call preferences (1) and scroll down (six steps) to suppress Call-ID. However, I can't move the the switch left or right. It's there but it can't be activated.


The other option was through a pre-dial code (**63# or so).