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Dial Plan Patterns

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We just installed the UC320W and there is a key feature that we are looking for: we would like to assign dial plan patterns to groups of FXO lines. For example, if you dial 2XX-XXXX your call will go out through the FXO on ports 1 or 2, and if you dial 45X-XXXX your call will go out through the FXO on ports 3 or 4. This is a big deal for us because we need to direct our calls accordingly because calling from one carrier to another can lead to very high telephone bills.

Please let me know if any more details are needed for this feature request or if there some workaround that I am missing.

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Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Dear Rashid;

This is currently not supported as such. What you can do instead as a workaround is to set the lines you dont want to use for outbound to be shared FXO, and add the appropriate label to the line key. This way you exclude the shared FXO from the outbound calls (if you like to do so).

I will escalate this feature request.


I have used this workaround but it is not ideal because there are more FXO lines than we have free line buttons on the spa303 phones and what it also means is that on their main extension to get out they dial 9 and on the shared FXO lines they dial directly. Thanks for escalating this. I hope it is addressed soon.

I don't know why this device does not support a feature like this, considering you can use up to 4 sip trunks. Being able to choose what outbound trunk by pattern is important when you use multipe providers as some have better rates than others.  It also prevents user confusion of what number they have to press to grab the correct outbound trunk.

Hello Alberto,

Does this feature (Dial Plan Patterns) exist in the UC540?



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Level 1

Many other vendors support this feature, infact I have not seen a system that does not. A Cisco branded product should provide this as standard! Please add LCR or dialplan/routing configuration to the next firmware release!

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