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How do I route outbound calls to an FXO line from just one particular extension?

Brent Conway
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Good Morning Everybody,

Quick question hoping someone can answer.

I have a customer with a UC540 who has both SIP trunks and FXO trunks to the PSTN.

All the employees use 9 as an access code to make an outbound call, and the outbound dial plan selects SIP as first choice, with FXO as second choice to route the outbound call.  All of this is working fine.

The customer would like to have one particular extension (x204) go out the FXO trunk when making outbound calls instead of the SIP trunk.  I think I can set this up if I have the user use a different access code (for example 8 rather than 9) to force route to the FXO trunk group - but I would rather have it transparent to the user.

So, is there a way that the UC540 can recognize that an outbound call is originating from one particular extension, and then route that call to the FXO trunk group instead of the SIP trunk?

Your help is always appreciated! 



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Dialing 8 would be the easiest to configure.  Under your outgoing dial plan just add in another statement that has an 8 for an access code instead of a 9 and select the trunk group you want it to use.

The other way is using COR lists through CLI which is not recommended if you don't have your Express UC certification.

+1 On using another access code, it is much simpler to setup and manage with CCA.



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