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Linksys Spa 942 IP phone setup

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                   I have (qty 7) linksys spa942 phones connected to a router that gets internet access directly from the modem.  I'm trying to find out what others setups people have and how it is done.  Do you propgram the phone directly? Do you program a Voip box such as the spa9000?  What companys are compatible and work the best with these phones.?  We need the phones to make outgoing calls and receive calls.  The ability to setup hunt groups would be helpful too.  Let me know if theres any info I'm leaving out that would be needed to help me resolve this issue.  Very desperate to get some help please.

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paolo bevilacqua
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Wrong forum, post in "small business voice - SPA phones". You can move your post using the actions panel on the right.

anything at all?

Hi Ken,

For ease of management it is usually better to purchase a VOIP service (ITSP). A lot of time when purchasing a hosted service, they will provision the phones for you and you do not really have to configure anything.

Voice service options will range and the prices vary of course. If you are supplying the phones and the ITSP is supplying the service, typically the provider will supply you with a proxy, user id and password which you manually configure on each phone. If the provider also provides the phones, they are usually pre-configured and plug and play (generally speaking).

The SPA9000 is EOS/EOL for quite sometime and was replaced by the UC320. To my knowledge the SPA9xx phones are not supported by the UC320. So it would seem the hosted service would be a good route for you.

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