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Live Record calls are a bit choppy

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We use SIP Trunks on the UC520 and they work fine, call quality is great.  I just set up Live Record as that's a handy feature, however whenever we do it, as soon as the conference starts, the call quality sounds a bit worse.  It's not choppy as in its cutting in and out, it's almost like it pops and cracks every once in awhile.  I don't think it's so bad that the other party would complain or anything, and it doesn't get so bad that you can't understand the person, but it's definitely worse quality than without it. 

I always use my bank account IVR menu to test calls since it's long.  To give an example, normally it will sound like:

"For loans, lines of credits, or credit cards press 1.  For GICs, term deposits or mutual funds press 2."

But when I do the Live record that above phrase would be almost like:

"For loans, lines of credit, or credit ards press one.  For GICs, erm deposits or mutual unds press 2."

Something along those lines.  Playing back the recording sounds the same as well.  Any ideas what might cause that?  Not a deal breaker, can live without the functionality especially since you have to pretty much tell the person to hold on a sec while I start the recording, but weird it does it.  I don't have any FXO lines I could test with.

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paolo bevilacqua
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Which IOS version are you using ?