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Hi, i have the following questions, hope you help me to figure i out what to do:

Im trying to establish a vpn connection betweeen a UC540 and my remote pc for support throu CCA 3.2. The UC is managing an ADSL connection with PPPoE. Everything great so far (internet connection, sip trunk registred, etc..).

Then i configure the vpn server properly, but once i want to export my vpn profile to import it to a vpn client, it displays an error that says that i must assign a static ip address to the WAN interface, since i dont have a private ip address ive configured ddns on the UC540.

Am i right? Can i use a DDNS host to make a VPN connection between the UC and a remote site.

Thank you guys, cheers !

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paolo bevilacqua
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Yes, in most cases you can do that.

Well, in this case in particular its not working, thats why this request. I send a ping to and it replies, but i cant connect to my uc540 thru a vpn using the cisco vpn client 5.x 64-bit for windows 7, it says: Reason 412: remote peer its not responding.

The vpn server config i have is the following (example):

Max connections: 10

Ip Range:

Preshared key: 12346578

Primary DNS:

User account (which i use to log in at the vpn client):

And i dont check split tunneling option.

Any ideas?

Try connecting to IP, if it doesn't work then it is not DDNS problem.

Note to make it easy, you need to have the UC500 with an interface directly on the internet, not behind a NAT router. And wou should always enable split tunnel.

Hi, i tried to connect using the dhcp address that my isp provides, but also the vpn client say that the remote peer is not responding. As the UC540 is managing the connection with PPPoE i have nothing but a DSL modem on bridge mode.

Ive checked everything so far with no results, is it that hard to activate a vpn thru UC540. Is there anything else to activate or check?

Lol. Cheers.

Check configuration.

I checked and re-checked the whole vpn server configuration but everything its the same here, in your experience, are there any other options like acl, ports, firmware upgrades that i must apply in orden to achieve a vpn connection between my vpn client and the UC540.


If client doesn't connect, there is a configuration mistake. You can have a expert or certified Cisco partner fix it for you.