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one-way voice on webvpn 525g2s thru ASA to uc540

Jeff Cooper

I have remote users with 525g2s configured with webvpn.  The phones connect successfully to an ASA5505.  The phones register successfully with a uc540 behind the ASA5505.  The remote phones can access voicemail, can make outbound calls, and receive calls on their DIDs without issue. 

When the remote phones dial an extension of an in-house phone on the phone subnet of the phone system, the call completes and the phones connect.  Likewise, when a local phone calls the extension of a remote phone, the call connects.  Remote users can hear the voice of the local user, but the local users cannot hear the voice of the remote users.  Further, two remote phones can establish a call between themselves via extension dialing.  But there's no voice traffic between the phones.  Remote users cannot hear each other.

What might be causing this?  Because remote users/phones work fine calling voicemail, calling outbound and receiving inbound DID calls on the phone system, I'm not sure where to troubleshoot this.  Likewise, regardless of location, calls are connecting by extension.  Remote users cannot pass voice between themselves and local users cannot receive voice from remote users.

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Jeff Cooper

After doing some captures on the ASA and subsequent testing, I believe I resolved this.

I turned off split-tunneling on the group-policy for the remote phones.  I did a tunnel all.

I added the vpn ip pool to the nonat on the inside interface..   access-list nonat permit ip outsidepool outsidepool

I enabled dtls in the group policy for the remote phones.

All appears to be functioning correctly once the remote users rebooted their remote phones.

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