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Skype for SIP - Inbound problems - UC 560


Greetings all,

We're having trouble getting the inbound part of Skype for SIP working. We're on a UC 560, and are using CCA 3.1.

We used the default profile included with CCA 3.1 for the Skype SIP Trunk. Outbound calling is working great. On the Inbound Dial plan, we have added entries for both the 9905... number as well as the 1 (248) XXX-XXXX number that we "rented" through Skype. We're not having any luck with calls coming in on either.

When I log into the Skype Manager, and look at the reports, I can see that it says calls going into either number are being forwarded. From looking at the debug log in SIP Trunk Status in CCA, the count for incoming calls does not go up when we make calls to either number. (For the 9905XXXXXX we're dialing from a Skype client on a PC, for the (248) XXX-XXXX we're calling from our cell phones). This leads us to believe the call isn't hitting the UC 560 (since Skype seems to register and note the call, and seems to claim they are forwarding it to our device).

We ran the SIP Debug Log and looked at the text files in the zip file, that wasn't too helpful.

Any recommendations for how to troubleshoot this?

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Accepted Solutions

The debugs in CCA will automatically be turned off when you click on "end".  So you do not need to be worried about them still running.

Yes, if your SIP trunk is not configured, the first step would be to enter that information.

Thank you,


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Darren DeCroock


The first thing that I would suggest is running the following debugs:

debug voice ccapi inout

debug ccsip messages

With this, we can see if the calls are hitting the UC500, and if they are, what is happening with the inbound call.

Thank you,



Hey Darren,

We popped into CCA, and went into the debug command mode. Entered in your two suggested commands. The output was... minimal... it seems to suggest that there are 258 lines of data, but, I don't see those. I realize this is a "user error situation". Suggestions?

Syslog logging: enabled (0 messages dropped, 2 messages rate-limited, 0 flushes, 0 overruns, xml disabled, filtering disabled)

No Active Message Discriminator.

No Inactive Message Discriminator.

    Console logging: disabled
    Monitor logging: disabled
    Buffer logging:  level debugging, 8 messages logged, xml disabled,
                    filtering disabled
    Exception Logging: size (4096 bytes)
    Count and timestamp logging messages: disabled
    Persistent logging: disabled

No active filter modules.

    Trap logging: level informational, 258 message lines logged

Log Buffer (5000000 bytes):

000256: Oct 10 14:19:07.120: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from http by admin on

If you ran the debugs from CCA, there is not much that you can do wrong..  The only thing would be if you typed the debug commands in incorrectly.  If you are not getting anything from those debugs, it tells me that we are not receiving the incoming call from the SIP trunk.  This could be because of the routing before getting to the UC500. (Do you have anything in front of the UC500?)  Or it is possible that the firewall is blocking the traffic.  So in that case, I would suggest you check the firewall settings.

Thank you,


Hey Darren,

Thanks again for responding, we really appreciate it.

We turned the debugging on again, and then made an outbound call over the Skype for SIP. This time we saw the whole transaction (setting up the call, connecting, breaking down the call at the end). So it looks like we didn't do anything wrong when trying to catch the debugging information for the incoming call. (BTW - Does it turn off the debugging when I exit out of hte CCA window? Or is that still enabled? Is there a recommended way of turning that off?)

The firewall is set to the default, which as far as I can tell is Low, as low as it will get and let us leave the firewall on.

We did notice that in the SIP Trunk status window:

-----------  show sip-ua register status   -----------

Registrar is not configured

-----------  End CLI Output  -----------

Since outbound was working, we initially ignored it and figured that was a configuration issue with our inbound DIDs. Those look good (following the video from CiscoMarcus, and other questions posted here). Should we input a value in the SIP Trunk setup for the Registrar Server when using Skype? 

The debugs in CCA will automatically be turned off when you click on "end".  So you do not need to be worried about them still running.

Yes, if your SIP trunk is not configured, the first step would be to enter that information.

Thank you,




In the CCA, apparently if you want inbound calls, the Registrar Server value must be filled out. Luckily, if you use Skype for SIP (which they are calling Skype Connect), the server value is more or less the same as every other server value:

Once I filled out that value, the UC 560 warned me that it was going to have to make changes to our firewall to allow the inbound SIP traffic (IE: calls to initate from the outside world, coming in). I allowed the changes, and everything is working fine.

We can make calls from the DID number we "rent" from Skype (IE: 248-XXX-XXXX) as well as the Skype number 9905XXXXXXXX.

Thanks all!

Dear Sir.

pls i have same problem , the sip-ua is register , i can make call via sip , but i can't recieve , before i have cisco 1760 CME 4.1 same config is work perfect in/out , now i make upgrade to Cisco 2811 and CME 8.5 i make same conifig but only the outgoing call is work , can you help me about that .

best regards


Sorry for the delay in getting back with you. I just recently set up a Skype SIP Trunk again on my UC 560. I followed the directions in these two youtube videos:

If you follow them closely I believe you will achieve success. In the 2nd video, make sure to pay attention where he is inputting the phone number for caller ID. You cannot use the phone number for your business, you must use the ID Skype gives you there. I know I messed up that step the first time I set up the Skype SIP Trunk.

Hi Mattfuerst, i know your topic is 3 years old.
Just wanted to setup the UC520 with SIP. i followed below advice and look around in many forums. but i still have the same situation.

Outgoing: Great

Incomming Calls: Not working at all.

Something rings, but not on my phones.


Please can you help me and tell me a bit more in detail, what you mean with the registrar server value. 
I seemed everywhere, but no success.




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