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SPA504g provisioning, firmare update failure, file not found.

Kevin Pattison
Level 1
Level 1

Hello all,

I am provisioning SPA504g phones using a tftp server and it works well, however there is something that annoys me. I have the phones doing firmware updates with the update rule: t$PSN/Firmware/from-$SWVER/spa$PSN.bin and they do come in and attempt to collect that file however when they are up to date (as they are all now on 7.5.5b) and therefore there is no file for them to collect, the phone considers this to be an upgrade failure and so it retries after the "Upgrade Error Retry Delay" time (default 2 mins) instead of just considering this to be no upgrade available. This means every 2 mins the screen flashes the UPGRADING FIRMWARE message briefly.

I could just raise that timeout to a day, but I is there a better way of fixing this?


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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

As long as you configured the firmware URL, you are claiming there IS firmware available.

So, either

1. make firmware to be available. Even it is the same version. Phone will fetch it one time, it will recognize it's the same, then will not fetch it again as long as the firmware URL will not change.

2. it's nice trick to use $SWVER in URL. Use the similar trick even for the profile URL. Make sure the Upgrade Enable is set to "No" if phone run newest firmware. You may extract Upgrade Enable option to be only option in Profile Rule B file so the $SWVER bias will apply to Profile Rule B only.

I is there a better way of fixing this

Yes, in my humble opinion. Use HTTP server instead of TFTP. Even simple PHP script will allow you to make not only upgrade logic, but more complex magic according yours wishes. You may mix tftp configuration with http style configuration as well - there are four independent profile rule options configurable. Just be careful, particular option could not be in two or more profiles.

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