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Strange UC560 crashing issue


Hello Group!

I've put in a new UC560 in our office to serve as our phone system as well as a living demo unit for clients.  I'm having a very strange issue that I wanted to float out by the group here and see if anyone else is getting the same issues.

Last night I moved our trunks (a combination of FXO B1 lines and SIP from a ITSP) over to the UC560 and twice today the system has completely "frozen".  All phones drop off, can't ping the UC560 on either the WAN or any LAN IP addresses.  Connecting via Console I get no responce at all.

My only option in these cases has been a power cycle of the unit.  When it comes back up, everything starts working agian.

There is no crash file in the flash,  and a show ver is telling me Last reload type: Normal Reload.

I'm running the software uc500-advipservicesk9-mz.151-2.T4

99.9% of this was configured via CCA 3.1.1, the only adjustments made at the CLI level have been one translation group edit, and a couple access list adjustments for the ACL attached to the WAN port (Gi0/0)

We've already RMA'd the 560 once due to crash/reloads while it was being tested on the bench.  The replacement unit wasn't having any issues or lock ups while sitting on the bench after being configured.  It only stated doing this once in production with calls going through it.

One extra apears I can make this also lock up at any time by performing the "backup" operation in CCA.  Each time I have attempted this, the system will go unresponcive as I described above.

I can manually tftp off the configuration without an issue...have not attemoted a manual fto backup of the CUE module yet...


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David Trad
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VIP Alumni

Hi Chad,

Might sound like a silly question, but it is valid

Is the UC-560 connected to a UPS??



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Yes,  the UC560 is plugged into a UPS.  In fact it was using the same power source I was using for our 2811 router running CME that we looked to retire in favor of the UC560.  Power history has been clean to the UC, so sadly I can't attribute it to anything like brownout or otherwise glitchy power.

When you loaded the new IOS did you also load the newest version of ROMMON to go with it?  If not you might need to call SB support to give you the download.  I haven't checked to see if it's available via CCO yet.


If he loaded the 8.2 software pack would that NOT do the ROMMON as well?

If not, is this something we should do as a "best practice" on all new UC boxes?

Thanks, John

I performed the upgrade via the CAA tool with the full software pack.  So if that updates the ROMMON within the pack, then the answer would be yes.  I don't recall seeing any obvious ROMMON update files within the my guess would be that it is not updated within the software pack.


We installed a UC560 into a customers site in August 2011.  Since then it has frozen once a week.  Lately it has frozen 2- 4 times a day.  They have the same software version (latest) that you have.  We have tried everything and there has been a case open with TAC since August and they can't fingure out what is wrong.  The customer is about ready to toss it out the window and I can't say that I blame them.  Has anyone found a solution to this issue?

TAC has told me that spilling from one hunt or blast group to another hunt or blast group is not supported (desipite the fact that CCA gives you these choices as a final destination when setting up a group).

I changed my configuration and so far everything is working fine.

Just in case this is helpful to anyone.

That's good to know,  I hope it takes care of it for your client....this thing has been a complete pain in my backside!

In our case we are not using any blast groups all,  so I can't blame it on that issue.

The SBCS "TAC" said in looking at our system that there were several phone loads that did not update properly. They couldn't give any explanation as to why though, since I used the software pack 8.2 with the latest CCA.

TAC suggested I take it back to factory, reapply the 8.2 pack and try again (a BS answer to be sure...but I had to jump through the hoops before this clown would issue the RMA.)   Big surprise (sarcasm) the box crashed yet again while attempting the software load,  and would then only boot to a rommon prompt.

After attempting recovery I finally got the rep to agree to let another RMA, now our second in three months.

I have put in several of these UC boxes, as well as CME deployments.  We have had at least one RMA on every single UC560 we have put out.  Interestingly enough,  we have not had the same issues with 520 or 540 units we have put out.  I'm convinced Cisco must have some serious quality issues on the product line at least with the 560 that they are unwilling to disclose.

As a reseller it's beyond concerning


Just curious, do you do a lot of (or any) call parking?  If so, did you adjust the timer settings and such? 

No, no parking at all.

We had an issue with the UC560 randomly locking up and it had to do with our editing the call parking options, had to issue a command for h225 ringback configuration and haven't had it sense, but I guess that won't help you.  Bummer.

Hi Bill,

Can you please advise what the actual command was that you issued for the H225 ring back? I am trying to resolve major problems regarding the park slots, and would like to look at this one as well.



Cheers, David Trad. **When you rate a persons post, you are indicating a thank you or that it helped, but at the same time you are also helping to maintain the community spirit - You don't have to rate posts and you wont be looked down upon :) *