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UC320W Caller-ID


I'm using only one SIP account (no analog lines) and I want to be able to send both the NAME caller-id and the NUMBER caller-id.  When I use the generic SIP account there is a field for Company Name, but this does not send the NAME caller-id.

I also want to be able to send the Main Company Number as well.  Currently the SIP account has a different number than their Main Company Number so I need to change this field.

I can change both of these 0n the UC520/540/560.  It doesn't seem to be there to change on the UC320W.  My problem is that the ITSP expects me to send the company name and if it's not populated, the number gets displayed (so the NAME caller-id just shows up as the SIP phone number).  As well, I need to have a different Number Caller-ID go out as well -- the Main Company Number.

The answer should be on the SIP config page and I suspect it's not there so I'm out of luck.  The first thing a business would want is their name and number to show up.  With SIP, this is totally doable so it should be there to setup on the config page.

For example, I can setup a SPA122 and get the name and number caller-id to display.  I don't need the SPA device and would rather just setup the SIP account and pass on the proper name and number id's right on the UC320W.

The bottom line is that I want to be able to manipulate the name and number caller-id just like the spa devices and the uc500's.

Any ideas of what I can do?

Thank you                  

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Hi ciscojoe837,

The Company Name set in the SIP/BRI Trunks page will be sent as the calling name for the outbound call. UC320 doesn't send individual user's name in the outbound calls.

The calling line ID is either the Account ID by default or the number you specified in the Inbound Calls page. If a new inbound call route is added with a different number than the default Account ID number, and the check box of "Use xxxxxxxxxx as Calling Line ID" is enabled, the number xxxxxxxxxx will be displayed as calling line ID when the route target makes any outbound call.


Wendy Yang

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