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UC500 Licensing Question

John Carney
Level 1
Level 1

I have a customer that wants to install a new phone system. They have about 25 employees in the office, and another 80 external users.

The internal users will each have a phone on their desk, where the external users will simply have any call for them redirected to their cell phone.

So, my question is, how do I license this? Do I require a license for all internal and external users, or only the internal users because they are the only ones that will be accessing the telephony features?

I'm assuming I need to create an extension for each user and have it forwarded to their cell phone, so assuming the system won't let me create the phones in the system without the licenses for the external users. Wondering if using Floating Extensions and call forwarding all to the external number may get me arround this problem.

Can anyone help me with the specifics?



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Brian Rapier
Level 1
Level 1

According to the usage on my UC560, the outside "floating" ext are not counted against the license.

I have 73 total hard/soft phones and 5 floating ext that forward directly to the users cell phone.

I only show 73 licenses being used.

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Level 1


if im right In the limited license upgrade, there are no extra floating licenses for phones (telecommuters) or voicemail boxes (general delivery mailboxes) for example.

It is such priced to be a limited license also targetted more for a 50 person office.