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UC520 - Upgrade Error "cannot retrieve CUE version information

Level 3
Level 3

When trying to upgrade a UC520 with CCA 2.6 to software pack 8.0.5, we receive the a window (attached) that is titled "Error: Upgrade Settings" and states the following in the box "Cannot retrieve CUE version information.". The only option is the OK button that cancels the upgrade process.

No ftp/tftp servers running. One network card. CUE diagnostics pass without issue.

Anyone know how this would be debugged with CCA?

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Steven DiStefano
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

In the "Troubleshoot" drawer, is a CUE Diag window and it does a number of things and allows you to generate a log as well.

I have seen that when a UC500 is first plugged in, the CUE will take longer than IOS to come into service and sometimes connecting CCA in advance will toss this window at you since CCA sees it as an anomaly.

This is our demo box and had been turned on for about 8 hours so I doubt it was a CUE load delay.

Being our dmeo box is not that urgent, but unfortunately, we were an early adopter. That means we have many clients with older UC520 which means potential issues when we have to upgrade their chassis.

We will try the debug thing and post it.

Resetting CUE/CME to factory default of a customer live chassis will not be an option.

okay got the logs, but that is a lot of useless information unless I know hat I am supposed to be looking for- any idea?

Hi Michael,

You have Steve DiStefano looking at this query as well, so you have a top man Cisco interested in your welfare.

I just want to ask a question to see if something simple might be causing the issue.

Is the UC520 your default gateway for the PC that is doing the upgrade.

I have seen in the past,  that if another device in the network is the DHCP server and you have a different  default gateway (other than the Uc500), you may not be able to get to the CUE module unless your default gateway or PC has a route pointing back to the network inside the  UC520.

If your UC520 is your DHCP server and your WAN router, my query is just a distraction.

But can you ping from your PC that is running CCA ?

Can you ping from your PC that is running CCA ?

regards dave

Albert Wilhelm
Level 1
Level 1


We are experiencing the same error message and this is our UC520 demo box that has been running for several weeks. We are trying to upgrade from SP 8.01 to 8.05 using CCA 2.2.6. We also have several customer that are waiting for the upgrade on their UC520, but we want to make sure the SP 8.05 works on ours first.

Has there been any progress for this issue? We are using a laptop running WINXP SP3 with just one NIC card (ie no wireless enabled).

Thank you for your response.



Call the SBSC and open a case to have that kind of issue looked at. They are there over the Cisco shutdown.

But a couple points.

When you power on a UC5xx, the CUE takes a while (15 minutes at least) to become available and ready. During that time, you will see CCA complaining about CUE availability.

The other point is the SWP 8.1.0 is the latest that you should try with CCA 3.0, which you can check the release notes on, has alot of improvements and should reduce the problems.