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UC540 Alternate greeting prompt

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When I try to enable my UC540 alternate greeting prompt it plays but then the regular prompt plays directly after it.  I am using script v04.aef, when using v03.aef it doesn't even come on when enabled.  Any suggestions?

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Hello Jeff,

This is the behaviour of the v04 script and it is the one which allows the Alternate greeting.

The idea of alternate greeting is to be used in case of emergency or similar, and after it it plays the normal AA prompt.

Folowing is the explanation for it:

Emergency Alternate Greeting

A special portion of the GMS, the Emergency Alternate Greeting (EAG),       allows the Cisco Unity Express administrator to record an alternate AA greeting       to be used in case of an emergency or other short-term event, such as a holiday       or snow day.

The EAG is based on the existence of the AltGreeting.wav file. The AA       included with Cisco Unity Express checks for the existence of this file. If the       file exists among the Cisco Unity Express prompts, then EAG is enabled. If it       does not exist, then the EAG is disabled. By deleting this file from the prompt       repository, the EAG is deactivated. In other words, if a file is uploaded and       is named AltGreeting.wav, the EAG is enabled.

Note: The alternate AA greeting never replaces the existing AA greeting; it           is simply played before the regular greeting is played.

In a custom Cisco Unity Express AA script, a call to the       checkaltgreet.aef subflow checks for the AltGreeting.wav file and plays the       file if present.

If you need something for holiday you need to setup holidays AA or jst setup another AA for different days you need.



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