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Upon upgrading the SPA122 to firmware 1.2.1 I found that outbound DTMF tones were no longer being seen properly by remote systems.  Using the device web interface and changing the Line 1 "DTMF Tx Method" to "InBand" (using "Submit") successfully fixe...

Maybe I'm missing something in configuration but here it goes.UC320W system in Blend Mode with 7 525G2 phones.Phone has 1 Extension assinged (120) with the ability for 2 calls on 120User is on a active call on 120.  A net new call comes into 120 for ...

Dean Rose by Level 1
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Please I need help here. My router I have not used for a long time now. I have configured E1 on it and was waiting to finish up some other configurations from my pone systems. I am through and back to my router but cant get into the rouer through my ...

NelsonCBN by Level 1
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I Can not find the Mexican Spanish UC500 Locale Pack Hi everybody, I have the UC540 with a packet software version 8.2.0,  CME version 8.1 and voice mail version 8.0.6, this UC500 is in Mexico  City and have the European Spanish Locale Pack instaled...