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UC540, single voicemail and autoattendant configuration

Gianluca Renzi
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Hello everybody,

     this is my first post into the Cisco support forum. I've recently installed a Cisco UC540 with 5 SPA 504G phones to a customer site, but I was unable to configure some (supposed) simple things. The most important is to set up an autoattendant that redirects incoming calls to a global voicemail during closed hours only (I don't need a personal voicemail for each user); to make a try, I configured a single schedule, selecting open and closed hours (9-13; 15-19) and then I configured a standard auto attendant selecting different prompts for open and closed hours, but when calling from the outside I don't hear any prompt, so I think I'm missing something.

This is my current situation:

- UC540 with two PSTN (FXO) lines

- 5 phones (SPA 504G)

- a single Blast Group, cointaining all the 5 phones

- incoming calls go to the blast group

- all users have their own voicemail account

- there is no voicemail for the blast group, and I can't find how to add one

What I was able to do is disabling the auto attendant, enabling night service and direct transfer to voicemail so that incoming calls during night hours go to the voicemail of a selected user, but I think it's only a dirty workaround and the same goal can be achieved in a more clear way.

A second issue is related to setting up different ringtones for internal ad external calls, but from what I read on this forum there is not a simple way to configure it without adding a second extension to each phone.

Any help will be really appreciated.

Thank you,


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Have you record the AA greeting? From an internal phone, what happens if you dial the AA extension? What is the call flow? In the call flow, where does the call get directed to the AA?

You can configure a general delivery mailbox for use with a blast group, or you can direct it to a user's voicemail.

You can configure a distinctive ring for internal and external calls.



Hello and thank you for the reply. Perhaps I missed something in the configuration of the dial plan; initially it was configured so that incoming calls were directed to a blast group and I didn't change that after enabling the AA. So I suppose that I need to modify the incoming dial plan to forward incoming call to the AA extension. Anyway, if I dial the AA extension I don't hear nothing, even if I select one of the greetings already included with the device. About the distinctive ring, I read through the forum and it seems that the only way to get it work from CCA is to burn a button and add a second extension to each phone:

This is how I will want to do now:

  1. Configuring AA with extension 400
  2. Configuring a floating extension (502) with voicemail enabled
  3. Disable all users' voicemail
  4. Enable a call blast group at extension 501 and add all the users to it
  5. Configuring incoming call to go to extension 400 (AA)
  6. Configuring the schedule for business hours (9-13 and 15-19)
  7. Recording two greeting for business hours and closed hours

What I'm searching for now is a way to send incoming calls during business hours directly to the blast group, bypassing the AA, and sending incoming calls during closed hours to the voicemail after playing the closed hours greeting. Do you know if it's possible?

Thank you in advance!

You can use my CUE script "universal AA" for that. It does everything desired with just configuration.

It can be acquired on the website mentioned in my profile.


I have seen successful deployments using the distinctive ring on one line, or by sending the calls to different lines.

You can use night service to permit the calls during the day to hit directly to the blast group, and after hours to ring to the AA first.